Custom Engineered and Hand Crafted Speakers
Custom Engineered and Hand Crafted Speakers
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Why Kaz Audio?

You want unique, high-end audio, but you don't feel like you should have to break the bank. We understand, and here is our approach to delivering on that goal.

Bigger audio/speaker companies that mass-produce their speakers invest time and money to have their drivers (the speaker cone components) manufactured just for them.  Then, they slap together some cheap, processed wood in the shape/size that the computer model recommended for them, wrap them in veneer, and package them up for you.

In many cases, this results in a perfectly fine loudspeaker.

However, some people either don't have the space for those big, bulky cabinets that the computer model recommended, or they just don't want speaker cabinets being a focal point in their room.

Here at Kaz Audio, we specialize in creating loudspeakers that don't take attention away from the rest of your room, but look beautiful when they do receive attention -- And always sound amazing.

In order to pull that off, we prioritize our engineering and development differently.  There a nearly infinite array of "off the shelf" driver components out there with seemingly every combination of driver parameters/characteristics (resonate frequency, impedance, "Q" values, excursion distance, etc.), so it's easy to find reasonably priced drivers with the characteristics we want, and then we invest our time and resources into developing cabinet port and vibration control/enhancement techniques.

These port and vibration control/enhancement techniques are how Kaz Audio is able to "color outside the lines" with regard to speaker cabinet shape and size, and still deliver full, clear, and encompassing sound.

All Kaz Audio loudspeaker and Bluetooth player cabinets are hand crafted and hand finished.  We don't use any Medium Density Fiber (MDF) and/or plastic-like veneer.  We only use solid wood or high-grade plywood, with hand-applied finish (paint and/or stain + clear coat protectant).