Custom Engineered and Hand Crafted Speakers
Custom Engineered and Hand Crafted Speakers
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Warranty and Refunds

All of our products are engineered to be of the highest quality in build and sound, and then each is individually hand crafted.  We put a lot of effort into creating each one so that you love them so much that returning them never crosses your mind.

We're very confident about these products that we create for you, but at the same time we realize you're not in our shop seeing all of the engineering, testing, construction, and finishing love that we're putting into them. So to help provide you with a similar level of confidence that you will love your Kaz Audio products, we offer a 90-day money-back (excluding any shipping) guarantee on all non-custom products.

We just ask that if you're not completely satisfied with your Kaz Audio product during this 90-day warranty period, you let us work with you to try to make sure the source of the dissatisfaction is in fact our product, and isn't something like sytem setup or alignments -- Which can have a significant impact on the perceived performance of our products.

For custom orders, warranty and refund policies will be established and included in the agreed-to work order(s).