Custom Engineered and Hand Crafted Speakers
Custom Engineered and Hand Crafted Speakers
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Custom Built Loudspeakers

Have something in mind that would be perfect for your room, but don't see it anywhere? 

Does your setup, or room, have special considerations that make it difficult to use "off the shelf" loudspeakers?

Or, do you have some crazy idea where you want a piece of furniture that's also one of the loudspeakers in your home A/V setup?

We can do it.  And we can do it better than anyone else.  Here is why:

  • A vast knowledge of the characteristics of so many available loudspeaker drivers.
  • An ability to create specialized crossover components.
  • Loudspeaker design/build expertise.
  • Top notch craftsmanship, and attention to such detail.
  • Our proprietary port technology that allows us to go deeper on the frequency spectrum than anyone else from small cabinet volumes.

Just hit us up at and provide us with some detail regarding what you have in mind, and what special considerations you might be looking to address.  We'll work with you to create something unique and awesome.