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Custom Engineered and Hand Crafted Speakers
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Model 16BTS Stereo Bluetooth Speaker/Player
Model 16BTS Stereo Bluetooth Speaker/Player
Model 16BTS Stereo Bluetooth Speaker/Player
Model 16BTS Stereo Bluetooth Speaker/Player
Model 16BTS Stereo Bluetooth Speaker/Player
Model 16BTS Stereo Bluetooth Speaker/Player
Kaz Audio

Model 16BTS Stereo Bluetooth Speaker/Player

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Question: I see a lot of Bluetooth speakers out there that also seem to look nice, but are cheaper.  They're all Bluetooth, so why should I consider the Kaz Audio 16BTS or 26BTS, as they're more expensive than some others?

The Honest Answer: For many people - and perhaps even yourself - any of those cheaper Bluetooth speakers will be a fine choice, and they would be just wasting their money by choosing one of the Kaz Audio Bluetooth speakers.  Kaz Audio Bluetooth speakers are built to sound much bigger, and much better than what you generally hear from a speaker their size.  And even though we know that when it comes to Bluetooth speakers, many will be satisfied with "perfectly fine" -- We also know that not everyone will be satisfied with "perfectly fine."  And if that's you, then our Bluetooth speakers are made for you.

Question: But there are some big/respected names making cheaper Bluetooth speakers.  Aren't they good speakers?

The Honest Answer: Yeah, they're most likely solid speakers -- But the thing about loudspeakers - and high quality Bluetooth speakers - is that the internal features and qualities that take a speaker from good to great are features and qualities that are quite difficult to scale (mass produce).  Scale and mass production are necessary to keep prices low, so something has to give.  Other speaker companies can take the scale and mass production approach, we at Kaz Audio take the approach of not compromising these features and qualities.  However, that comes at a cost, and so we can't offer our speakers as cheaply as a lot of others.  But if you appreciate that next level of sound quality, you will be that happy we take this approach.

Now, About that 16BTS:

The Model 16BTS is an affordable, compact stereo Bluetooth speaker that still delivers a rich audio experience.  A six inch, downward facing woofer delivers spirited bass in all directions.  A set of directional speakers, each with their own dedicated crossovers, complete the rich, stereo experience.

Features include:

  • Bluetooth 5.0 receiver for maximum compatibility.
  • Powerful 100W (50W per channel) stereo amplifier.
  • 6" driver for the lows.
  • Two 0.75" Mylar dome tweeters for the highs.
  • All custom braced, built, and finished cabinet specifically engineered to maestro the frequencies from the Model 16BTS to your ears.


  • Dimensions: 12" wide x 5" tall x 7.75" deep.
  • Frequency Response: 70Hz-20,000Hz
  • Sensitivity (1W/1m): 87dB

Please Note: This product is carefully handcrafted upon order placement, so please allow 1-2 weeks for production.

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